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I’m a travel writer as well as a photographer. Through this blog I have tried to explore the unseen, take the path less traveled and cover the expanses hard to tread. I have tried to present these stories to my friends who love to travel just like me. Hope you enjoy my experiences and see these destinations through my lens.

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Bonderam festival of south Goa in monsoon

The feast of Bonderam is celebrated on the fourth Saturday of August every year at Divar Island, 12-km from Panjim. The name Bonderam revolves around the involvement of flags which in itself is an interesting story.   The "Bonderam" festival is celebrated on the Island of Divar on the fourth Saturday of August every year. The word "BoNnderam" originated from the...

Kalaripayattu: Ancient Martial Arts

Kalaripayattu: Ancient Martial Arts There are many institutes and organizations in Kerala that are engaged in the preservation and promotion of art form of the regions of Kerala and its surrounding states. One such organization if Cochin Cultural Centre that is involved in the promotion of many art forms like Kathakali, Mohiniattam, Bharatnatyam and Kalaripayattu. Cochin Cultural Centre is situated on...

Fly Like a Bird-Enjoy Paragliding at Sikkim

Fly Like a Bird - Enjoy Paragliding at Sikkim Imagine yourself spreading your wings and exploring the infinite expanse of the limitless sky. Since times in memorial human beings have made various attempts to fly like a bird. And if you also want to break free like a bird, then paragliding is an adventure you should definitely try. Take time...

Jibhi Camp

The Great Himalayas Calling: Day One Majestic and mighty Himalayas, the crown of our country, have been attracting wanderers, philosophers, explorers, trekkers and travelers like me since times in memorial.  Each person is enticed towards it for a different reason. Some are trying to find inner peace, some are in search of nirvana and a few others just want to...

Keukenhof Tulip Garden, Holland

why visit Keukenhof Tulip Garden, Holland?   When it comes to visit Europe in the summers the first name pops up in my mind is-Holland. Holland is known for its rich Dutch culture, tulips & windmills. What else a nature lover wants? How many of you knows that there is a famous garden of tulips being prepared for months to welcome...

Road to Heaven-Leh Ladakh

Shanti Stupa,Leh city   Ladakh ‘the land of Lama’ as its known has always attracted tourist/traveler/biker from across the globe in last many years. Leh (Ladakh) was known in the past by different names. It was called Maryul or low land by some Kha- chumpa by others. The area which is largely been cut down from rest of India for 6-8...

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Mahabodhi temple of Gaya UNESCO world heritage site

  बौद्ध गया एक अरसे के बाद एक ऐसे स्थान पर जाना हुआ कि दिल ख़ुश हो गया। महात्मा बुद्ध के प्रति विशेष सम्मान है।  इसीलिए...