Be Rahagiri’s Guest Writer

Dare to believe that there is a hidden writer or photographer in you waiting to cast itself into the world of ideas. If you have a story or a photograph or a creative that you want to share with the whole world but are not finding a platform; then Rahagiri is just the right medium for you. Live the exciting life of a writer or a photographer and share your memories with us. It could be a dream destination, a heritage haveli, a local sweet shop, a memory of a dip in a holy river or a soulful experience of a divine place.

Some memories are etched in our hearts forever, but we are hesitant to share it with others thinking that it might not be worthwhile. Rahagiri feels that such a talent needs to be rewarded and showcased to the whole world.

Share your dreams, aspirations and thoughts with us at If you are a foodie and want to relate your fantastic experience with us, just don your writer’s cap and pen down your memories for us.

We will feature your story on for a week and pin on the home page for maximum views.Send your story/article to: