Meghalaya Tourism presents- The Meghalayan Age Festival,2020
What: ‘The Meghalayan Age- 2020’
When: 7th – 15th of March,2020
Where: Shillong, Meghalaya

We live in a fast-paced age, laden with distractions and blink-of-an-eye manufactured experiences. In the midst of this, travel is the much-needed panacea to find meaning in this blur of duties and responsibilities. Discerning travellers yearn authenticity and untrodden paths – looking for life-changing experiences and a connection to the very roots of their being.

Meghalaya- with its cotton clouds heaped just above your heads, carpets of green, rich valley floors and glistening forest glades – all enveloped in rolling mists over its dramatic cliffs, spectacular mountains and primeval natural heritage  – offers a perfect runway to launch the ‘thrill-seekers’ and ‘slow-life enthusiasts’ collectively into their most ‘utopian’ fantasies.

And taking cues from that, The Meghalayan Age – a unique tourism festival – is scheduled to take place from 7th -15th March 2020- is all set to showcase its natural and adventurous wares to the world for the very first time.

Adventure Activity-Hot Air Balloon Ride
Adventure Activity-Hot Air Balloon Ride by #skywaltz
One of the major highlights will be the Hot Air Balloon Rides, allowing you to soak in the breathtaking terrain from above as you navigate between the clouds. Adrenaline junkies will get a chance to explore the famous natural labyrinths of Meghalaya as part of expeditions to the world’s longest cave systems – known for their complex maze of horizontal and vertical passages sculpted by underground waterways and home to otherworldly speleothems, ancient species, fossils, and unchartered eco-systems. The Meghalayan Age calls out to seekers of authentic experiences from across the world to savour its wonderfully preserved wonders.

Devaki river-The most beautiful river of India

A word of warning for the uninitiated – Folklore wafts in the air here and ‘primordial’ is the natural order with its unique Living Roots bridges and Sacred Forests – practices weaved between bare, uncompromised nature and human ingenuity.

The festival will also host its invitees in an extraordinarily luxurious tented colony-nestled in the lush surroundings- to let them experience the unadulterated ‘Meghalayan’ way of life. The setting allows them to mingle with the local tribal communities under the subtle night glow of massive balloons tethered to the ground for the public evenings. The audience can tuck into local cuisines, engage in interesting conversations and shop heirlooms from the rural and food bazaar- set up exclusively for the event.

And there’s more! The Meghalayan Age Festival 2020 also introduces visitors to ample destinations and cultural experiences – including quick trips to its crystal clear pools for river scuba diving, invigorating treks, and a glimpse of its rural life, which has set a much-needed example of sustainability and harmony with nature. Shaped by the monsoons, Meghalaya is a land of roaring waterfalls and rushing streams that tear through the rocks and cliffs. Apart from its rich indigenous culture, Meghalaya also boasts a vibrant contemporary music scene – evident in the generations of musical talent that have emerged from here and the place’s vibrant live venues.

True to the ‘Meghalayan’ – a new age in the history of the earth – determined from a geological evidence in the Mawmluh cave in the Meghalaya, The Meghalayan Age Festival 2020 promises to usher in a different chapter for the new age travellers of India and the World.

So come, check into nature with ‘The Meghalayan Age- 2020’.


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