About Rahagiri.com

travel blog image collageRahagiri.com presents a beautiful tapestry of the experiences that the travel photographer, blogger and story teller Dr. Kaynat Kazi has collected over the years. It is the abode of her dreams and aspirations and showcases the locales, heritages, historical places that Dr. Kazi has traversed. Atop the picturesque peaks of the Great Himalayas to the beaches of Tamil Nadu, from the Great Rann of Kutchh to the rain forests of Mahananda wildlife senctuary, she has proudly undertaken a journey of 56,000 kilometres across the length and breadth of India. The travel photographer in her has aptly captured the scenic beauty of the places travelled while the storyteller has gone beyond. Solo traveller & Storyteller Kaynat has lived the traditions, enjoyed the art & culture and savoured the exquisite cuisine associated with the places that the traveller has visited. Rahagiri vibrantly weaves the different aspects of Kaynat’s various passions into a wonderful mosaic. One can relive the memories of Dr. Kazi the travel photographer, blogger and story teller through the lens and writings on Rahagiri.com