Fly Like a Bird – Enjoy Paragliding at Sikkim


Imagine yourself spreading your wings and exploring the infinite expanse of the limitless sky. Since times in memorial human beings have made various attempts to fly like a bird. And if you also want to break free like a bird, then paragliding is an adventure you should definitely try. Take time out of your busy schedule and rush to the nearest place that offers you to lose yourself in the vast sky. Head to the Himalayas where mountain and hills, valleys and mighty rivers attract you to try the adventure you have been thinking of from a long time. There are many spots in India where you can enjoy paragliding. Solang Valley, Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh and Gangtok in the North-east are some of the few.

The paragliding site at Bir-Billing in Kangra district near Baijnath is known as the second best site in the world for Paragliding. Every year in the month of October, Paragliding Competitions of international standard are organized here.


Paragliding aero-sport is an adventurous sport. It requires you to have faith and believe on your trainer more that you trust yourself. One can enjoy paragliding near Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim. The site is located approximately 10 kilometers from Mahatma Gandhi Road. This site is in the vicinity of the Banjhakri waterfall.

Paragliding requires you to undergo training before actually trying it. But one can enjoy a short trip with a trained instructor also. These certified instructors ensure that you have a safe and adventurous trip. But you need to keep your weight under check. In case you weigh more than 90 kgs, then you should considering losing weight before attempting to fly like a bird.

One can find many operators who provide the gear and training for paragliding in Sikkim. There are two types of flights that could be undertaken- Medium and High flight. As the name suggests, Medium flight takes off from an altitude of 1300- 1400 feet. One can experience the breathtaking aerial view of the entire city of Gangtokas well as the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas during this flight. Baliman Dara, which is atop a hill, is the take off point of this flight. The pilot and instructor are buckled into a harness with a glider. Then the pilot made to run down the hill and in a flash takes the leap of faith. Within minutes one is soaring into the deep blue sky like a bird. Colorful hand gliders line the expansive sky just like birds. After a round of the entire valley one can land safely in the stadium. The flight though lasts only 15- 20 minutes but the experience is totally out of the world.

Till we meet next with a new destination of the Himalayas and lesser known aspects.

Be happy and keep travelling.

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