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Signature dish by the Master Chef

To proof this saying RAHAGIRI-FOOD presenting you a series on the signature dishes by the famous chefs of India. We will feature the master chefs from the five-star resorts & hotels in the Lifestyle section on our website-www.rahagiri.com
In this series, you will find the authentic & finest recipes which are close to chef’s heart. Here the chefs will share the secret of their mouthwatering preparations.


Galouti Kebabs by Chef Qureshi-Rahagiri-Food-©Kaynat Kazi Photography-www.rahagiri.com-7385


Galouti Kebabs by Chef Qureshi-Rahagiri-Food-©Kaynat Kazi Photography-www.rahagiri.com-7385
Chef Qureshi in his Live Kitchen @Pride Plaza Hotel


 ITEMS                                                           Unit       Qty

MUTTON CHUNK                                          KG       1

 KIDNEY FAT                                               Gms     200

GINGER GARLIC PASTE                               Gms     70

RAW PAPAYA PASTE                                   Gms     100

CHILLI POWDER RED                                   Gms     30

YELLOW CHILLI POWDER                         Gms     20

SALT                                                       Gms     TO TASTE

ROASTED CHANA POWDER                        Gms     80

ROSE WATER                                                ML       10

GHEE                                                              Gms     30

JAVITRI                                                          Gms     5

CRADMON POWDER GREEN                       Gms     10

KEWRA WATER                                            ML       10

POTLI MASALA                                             Gms     25

SAFFRON                                                       Gms     1

CLOVES                                                          Gms     4

BROWN ONION PASTE                                 Gms     100

 BROWN CASHEW NUTS PASTE                 Gms     50


Galouti Kebabs by Chef Qureshi-Rahagiri-Food-©Kaynat Kazi Photography-www.rahagiri.com-STEP-1


  1. Make the fine mince of mutton chunks and kidney fat together.
  2. Add ginger garlic paste, raw papaya paste, salt and chilli powder into the meat and mix it well. Now, cover the mixture and leave it for an hour.
  3. To add smoky flavour to the mixture, place it in mixing bowl. Now, make a whole in between the mince and put a small bowl with burning coal pieces in it. For smoke, put cloves and let it start burning. Now add desi ghee on it and cover the entire mixture immediately with a lid.
  4. After 2 to 3 minute remove lid, discard the bowl and add the ghee, roasted chana powder, brown onion paste, brown cashew paste, javitri, green cardmon powder, saffron, potli masala, rose water and kewra water. Mix it well once again and a pleasant aroma will come out which means your mixture is ready.


  1. Now make small patties of the prepared mix and shallow fry in hot ghee.
  2. Serve the piping hot Galouti Kebab with onion rings, lemon wedges and mint chutney.
Chef Qureshi with Famous Lucknowi Galouti Kebabs
Dr.Kaynat Kazi with Chef Qureshi


By Master Chef Mohd. Sartaj Qureshi, Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity, New Delhi

Mohd. Sarjat Qureshi, Indian Master Chef

Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity, New Delhi

Chef Sartaj Qureshi, a chef with Qureshi blood running  from Lucknow who are the only masters of Awadhi cuisine. He

He has enhanced his array of culinary skills further by working in many kitchens of the 5 star hotels in India and abroad, such as Vivanta by Taj and Radisson Blu Hotel to name a few.


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