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Property review: Kanha earth lodge, Kanha-Madhya Pradesh

सतपुड़ा की पहाड़ियां जंगल से घिरी हुई हैं। इन्हीं रास्तों के बीच से होते हुए मैं कान्हा नेशनल पार्क की ओर बढ़ रही हूँ। रास्ते में छोटे-छोटे गांव पीछे छोड़ती हुई। मिट्टी के घरों को, उन पर पड़ी खपरैल की छतों को, मिट्टी की मोटी-मोटी दीवारों को। यह घर कुछ अलग हैं। इन्हें देख कर इनमें बस जाने को...

Luxury casino review: Deltin Royale Goa

When I landed at the Goa airport the first thing I noticed at the arrival was a big hoarding of Deltin  Royale, Panjim Goa. The hoarding was well placed and could not miss the tourist's eye. Now whilst  I have visited several casinos in Europe, a casino in India was something new to me and the hoarding had aroused enough of curiosity for me to visit...

Property review: 1559 AD restaurant IN UDAIPUR

Property review 1559 AD restaurant 1559 AD is a restaurant situated in the heart of Lake City Udaipur between Fateh Sagar lake & Swaroop Sagar lake. It is a favourite hangout place among  foreign tourists. I spent my morning hours near Fateh Sagar lake. I visited Nehru Park in the middle of the lake. I took a boat ride to...

Luxury Property review: Fairmont hotel & resort, Jaipur

Experiencing traditions and cultural has always been on my priority list. I am often attracted to places and things of historical importance or those that have a story around it or a legacy behind it. India is a land where stories have been a source of teaching and educating the masses about the importance of a place or thing....

Hotel review:The Pride Plaza, Aerocity, New Delhi

Hotel review:The Pride Plaza, Aerocity, New Delhi Classification: Five Stars Room Category: Premium Rooms Month of Stay: October Overview I was travelling continuously for a month and did not have enough time to relax. To prepare myself for my next trip which was going to be equally hectic, I felt the need to refresh and rejuvenate myself. I decided to stay at The...

Property Review: A day in Himachal heritage village Palampur Himachal Pradesh

 Himachal heritage village Palampur Himachal Pradesh Himalayas are my eternal love and whenever I feel the need to enjoy my own company I take refuge in the hills. It is difficult to say if there is one particular facet of the Himalayas that attract me. The cool breeze, the clear blue sky, forests teeming with hues of green, brown, mustard,...

Homestay review:Krishna Homestay-Indore

Overview: I visited Krishna home stay for a very short period. I had a short trip to Indore for a day but enjoyed a lot in the company of Mrs.Naidu, the owner of the homestay. I felt like staying in a relative's place. It's like home away from home. A perfect place to stay for female solo travellers and family...

Property review: Oceana wellness spa, Munnar, Kerala

Whenever I think about Kerala three things pops up in my mind- backwaters, tea gardens and Ayurveda massage. I have a fascination towards the holistic heeling & rich heritage of Ayurveda. I always look forward to pamper myself after a long tiring journey of photography. I work hard and I believe in indulge in luxury and relaxation as much...

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Pachmarhi the unrivaled queen of Satpura, Madhya Pradesh

Pachmarhi the unrivaled queen of Satpura The luxuriant jungles of Satpura have many beautiful secrets within it. The undulating landscape, the variety of flora...
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