White Desert becomes the brand of Gujarat, Kutch gets a new identity. -Hon’ble Chief Minister, Shri Vijaybhai Rupani

runn utsav; solo traveller;


The state government will develop the tourist spots based on their geography and topography.

Border viewing facility to be developed near Sui village, Banaskantha. A Lion Safari Park to be constructed at Ambardi in Amreli. A splendid cultural performance which was indeed  noteworthy in giving a significant identity to Kutch’s culture. A camel show was organized by Border Security Forces.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Vijaybhai Rupani inaugurated the world famous  and 110 days long Rann Utsav in the  White Desert of Kutch. He was also a part of the various cultural programs organized by Tourism Corporation of Gujarat, and Ministry of Youth and Culture. The Hon’ble Chief Minister stated that the White Desert has now become a brand of the state.

While talking about the development of various tourist places across the state, the Hon’ble Chief Minister also stated that the government is not only developing places of religious importance, but also of geographical and topographical importance. The White Desert of Kutch is a natural gift that has been bestowed to the land of Gujarat. The state government has taken various steps to develop such places and ensure better facilities for tourists visiting the place.

Addressing to the people about the new employment opportunities that have come up, the Hon’ble Chief Minister stated that the development of White Desert as a tourist place has lead to a holistic development. There have been new opportunities for the youth to earn a living. The culture, legacy, tradition, food,  dialect, clothing and  handicraft  industry of Kutch have gotten a new identity. When we talk about increasing number of tourists visiting Gujarat compared to other states, we must not forget that Kutch plays a very important role in this.

People visiting the White Desert are able to establish a sense of belongingness with nature. The view of calm moonlight gently resting on the White Desert creates a magical effect to the eyes. It feels as if the desert is covered by the blanket of moonlight.

In his keynote address, the Hon’ble Chief Minister mentioned about the  government’s determined efforts to make the coastal areas of the state even better. He also stated that people not only come to visit the Rann but also come to visit the Gir forest from across the globe to see and learn about the Asiatic Lions. To ensure that people can get a fair sight of the lions , the government has planned to set up Lion Safari parks at 5 places out of which the Lion Safari park at Ambardi in Amreli will soon be open which will add another place of tourist attraction in the list. In addition to this, there will be a Border viewing facility at Nadabet near Sui village in Banaskantha district which will be similar to that of Wagha Border.

Keeping in mind the ‘Swachch Bharat’ mission of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri NarendraBhai Modi, the Hon’ble Chief Minister mentioned about making six tourist places in the state 100% clean. Arrangements have also been made to ensure that the cleanliness work goes on 24*7 which will also enable a better experience for tourists visiting the place.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister was also a part of the Camel show that was put forth by the Border Security forces and appreciated it. He praised the  efforts of the brave soldiers who are on their toes day and night to protect the country so that the citizens can have a sound sleep.

During his inaugural address, the Hon’ble Toursim Minister, Shri Ganpatsinh Vasava talked about the importance and role of Rann Utsav and also mentioned about the initiatives taken by the state government for the development of tourist places.

A mega cultural event was organized in the White desert which exhibited the culture, tradition and legacy of the district.

Prior to this, the Hon’ble Chief Minister also visited the Tent City of Dhordo and also enjoyed a Camel cart ride. The Chief Minster gave a green signal for 10 new bhunga so that they can be put to use by the people and also laid the foundations for setting up another 20. These will come under  jurisdiction of the Village Tourism Board.

He also suggested some points to develop the district of Kutch by meeting the local heads of the area.

This event of life and culture was also attended by the State Minister, Shri Rajendrabhai Trivedi; Parliament Secretary, Shri Vasanbhai Aahir; MP, Shri Vinodbhai Chavda; MLA , Smt. Nimaben Acharya; Shri Tarachandbhai Chcheda, Shri Pankajbhai Mehta, Shri Rameshbhai; Functionary, Shri Kaushalyaben, Shri Arjanbhai Rabari, Smt. Anjaliben Rupani and  Principal Secretary, Shri. S.J Haider.


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